What is Fairview Capital?

Fairview Capital is a wealth management firm headquartered in Marin. Our work involves both financial planning and investment management. The firm has strong ties to soccer!

We strive to provide the highest level of personalized wealth management services and professional investment advisory expertise.

Our goal is to develop deep, trusting relationships with our client families. We are committed to working with multiple members of client families, enabling broader decision-making and smooth transitions across generations. We have found that physical proximity is a major contributor to client comfort and confidence, as is our ability and willingness to communicate face to face. This level of client comfort allows us to invest to optimize long-term returns.

Our experienced team of 16 professionals is able to advise our clients on complex financial situations, acting as coordinator with their estate attorneys, accountants, trustees, and philanthropic advisors

Where is Fairview Capital based and how did the business start?

Fairview Capital is based in Marin and was founded in 1995 by Andy Mathieson (Yale soccer player). Andy’s mission was to build trusting lifelong relationships with clients by providing highly informed investment decisions and prudent wealth management. Read more about why Andy founded the firm: https://www.fairviewcap.com/our-firm/a-note-from-fairviews-founder

Why have you chosen to support Marin FC?

We have been a proud sponsor of Marin FC for the past four years and plan to sponsor the club for years to come. Our goal is to ensure that any kid who makes a team can play for Marin FC, regardless of financial means.

We like that Marin FC serves the entire county and is comprised of girls and boys from various backgrounds.

Please tell us about your experience with youth sports. Did you play soccer or other youth sports?

The Fairview team and their families love soccer!  Many of us played the game growing up, including in the club and high schools here in Marin. We now have five kids of our own playing for Marin FC.

To highlight a few of our experiences . . .

  • Jake Miller is a Marin native, grew up playing club soccer in Marin, went on to play soccer at Terra Linda HS and then played for four years at Yale University. He’s also a former Marin FC Board Member.
  • Brian Ahlemeyer grew up working on a farm in western Massachusetts, and captained his high school basketball, baseball, and soccer teams.  He continued playing soccer and then rugby at Franklin & Marshall College.  Brian has now been coaching for over 10 years with his kids’ sports teams and has had all four of his kids in the Marin FC program.
  • Maria-Elena Roner grew up in San Francisco, participating in soccer, basketball, ballet, and track and field. She was on the rowing team at St. Ignatius HS and UC Berkeley. Her husband, Thor Roner, grew up in Marin and played soccer at Terra Linda HS, UC Berkeley and then for the San Jose Earthquakes of Major League Soccer.
  • Soledad Jean-Pierre and Anne Scherr are very active in the Marin soccer scene. Anne plays for the Fuego and Soledad plays for the Jammers and is currently president of the Marin Women’s Soccer League. Soledad in action below.

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