CIP Crest


Hosted by Marin FC

A venue for soccer enthusiasts to gather, learn, share and generally advance the state of the game in Marin.

Love the game? Want to do more with your passion and talents?

Consider the Marin FC Coach Internship Program.

Education • Paid Coaching • Experience


The Goal of the C.I.P:

Marin FC intends to foster coach development to meet our own needs as a growing club and elevate the level of coaching across Marin for the sake of the players and the game itself.

The Concept:

By providing education, both in the classroom and on the pitch, to young or otherwise novice coaches, and then offering coaching opportunities to the participants, Marin FC will crack two critical puzzles that plague ambitious coaches as they are starting out.

First, education can take recent players and transition them into the larger and more complex world of coaching.

Secondly, paid opportunities as assistant coaches unlocks for many the ability to dedicate their time to  their passion.

Both offer the critical experience that is necessary to become a skilled coach for higher level teams.



Josh Kalkstein Program Director / Instructor

Marin FC Technical Director of Soccer Operations
USSF 'A' License, NSCAA Premier, USYS Youth
Former Olympic Development Regional Head Coach
Former Professional Player : USA, Holland, Germany
Former Zambia Women's National Team Coach

Kelly Coffey

USSF 'A' License
Girls College Coordinator
Head Women's Coach, Dominican University

Dave Frank

USSF 'B' License
Boys College Coordinator
Head Men's Coach, Dominican University

Phil Billeci-Gard

USSF 'B' License
Director of Coaching, Older Boys
A.D., Holy Names University
Tyler Gottschalk

Tyler Gottschalk

USSF 'A' License
Director of Coaching, Older Girls
Head Women's Coach, The Branson School


1. Enroll:

To enroll in the CIP, an interested coach needs to contact the program director, Josh Kalkstein and inform him of their intent to participate.

2. Attend:

Once enrolled the first step is to attend one or more of the educational sessions.  Sessions consist of late afternoon classroom time occurring once per month on the first Mondays.

Associated with he classroom sessions are multiple field sessions at which CIP participants will start to work with Marin FC teams and players first through guided observation with the program director and when approved through assistant coaching activities.

3. Coach:

Upon approval of the program Director, CIP coaches may then start attending Marin FC training sessions as assistant coaches. Upon verification of the head coach, CIP coaches will be paid $25/hr. for their coaching.

Marin FC's training schedule is posted online, so identifying training sessions is easy.  The Director may limit CIP assistant coaching to certain teams and all participants must pass the USClub background check.

CIP assistant coaching does require participants to be available weekday afternoons starting around 4pm.  Participants may attend the weekend games of teams they coach, but game coaching is not part of the CIP program.

AND THEN ... ?

Become a Coach

In addition to the CIP, Marin FC fosters professional coaches and their craft in many ways and at all levels of the game.

By becoming a coach intern, passionate teachers and players of the game can advance their knowledge and skills while gaining needed experience with enthusiastic and motivated players and their teams.

Working with the program Director and eventually with Marin FC's many head coaches, is a robust way to transform a love of the game into much more than a hobby or interest.

Marin FC envisions the CIP as the conduit for new coaches to eventually become head coaches as we continue to expand our year-round soccer club.