A Commitment to Coaches and Coaching

Marin FC values and empowers our coaches. Outlined below coaches can see what they should expect from Marin FC and, in turn, what our club expects from them.

Marin FC will provide coaches with the following:

  • Fair and reasonable compensation as outlined in the Coach Pay Policy
  • The opportunity to coach advanced-level players in a top-level club
  • The opportunity to coach teams with high volume training and playing seasons
  • Administrative support for team management, scheduling, finances and registration



Marin FC will provides coaches with financial support towards education and licensure:

  • Specifically the amount of reimbursement or direct payment is scaled as a percentage of the cost of the course and travel related expenses per the number of years the coach has completed as a team head coach at Marin FC. After one year completed with us, a coach may request and receive up to 25% of associated costs. After 2 years completed, the amount rises to 50%. 3 years equates to 75% and if a coach has completed 4 years of coaching with Marin FC, the club offers 100%. There are provisions for reducing contributions based upon available funds, adjusting contributions based upon club priorities (eg. DA/ECNL reqs.), and an encouragement that coaches identify possible sources of shared contributions, if for example they are coaching at a school or another club.

Marin FC expects the following commitment from coaches:

  • Attendance at up to four coaches' meetings per year at no charge
  • Demonstration of strong knowledge and teaching of the game of soccer, including technical, tactical, psychological, and fitness-related components, as appropriate for U14 and older elite players
  • Demonstration of high standards of professionalism and ethical behavior
  • Sportsmanship, self-control, and composure at all practices and games
  • Provide each player with individualized written feedback twice per year:  once in late September and the second one by March.  Players also receive continues one-on-one on field feedback during training sessions and games.  Coaches will be paid for 30 min per eval (at 50% of their hourly rate) for written feedback"
  • Attendance of at least 90% of training sessions and at least 80% of games. The coach is responsible for finding a qualified replacement for games they cannot attend
  • Punctuality and promptness at training sessions and games.  Coaches should be prepared to begin each practice and warm-up at the scheduled start time
  • Clear communication with parents at least once per month during times when your team is in season.  Your communications can provide team progress reports and/or outline your goals and objectives for the team.  If preferred, coaches can hold parent conferences once per month after a game
  • Timely, professional response to communications from the DOC, team manager, and Marin FC Administration
  • Coaches are expected to have their training program and competition calendar approved by DOC.  Coaches' teams should not apply to any tournaments without first gaining approval from the Coach Administrator
  • Coaches of Marin FC Girls teams are expected to implement ACL injury prevention program regularly with their teams