Refereeing in Marin : Start Guide


Marin FC's Referee and Volunteer Program (RVP) requires many of our players (of appropriate age) to become licensed referees (grade 8 - entry level). Typically, the club launches around 100 new referees every year to become the very important officials that make soccer at all levels and all around Marin possible.

If you have just earned your referee badge, congratulations!

You probably have many questions about what to do next in order to get out to referee your first games. Below you will find a 'how-to guide' with the most current and useful information.  Because our players typically wish to referee games that are convenient to them, look through the materials and decide what parts or options best suit you.

Marin FC Classes

Each year Marin FC will holds 4 referee licensing classes during the  summer.  The classes are restricted to current and former Marin FC players and are free of cost.

Classes start online with roughly a few hours of course work to be completed over a two week period. The online course is concluded with a mandatory field session. If you wish to enroll use the following links to the class of your choice to contact our Director of Referees and receive enrollment instructions:

FIRST Online Course #1 begins on Monday, 7/10. Field Session on Saturday, 7/15 (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Hall Middle School)

(Enroll here by emailing the Director of Referees, Kenny Lopez)

SECOND Online Course #2 begins on Monday, 7/17. Field Session on Saturday, 7/22 (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Hall Middle School)

(Enroll here by emailing the Director of Referees, Kenny Lopez)

THIRD Online Course #3 begins on Monday, 7/24. Field Session on Saturday, 7/29 (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Hall Middle School)

(Enroll here by emailing the Director of Referees, Kenny Lopez)

FOURTH Online Course #4 begins on Monday, 7/31. Field Session on Saturday, 8/5 (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Hall Middle School)

(Enroll here by emailing the Director of Referees, Kenny Lopez)

You may also renew your current or lapsed license without taking a full class. For further assistance, please contact or Director of Referees, Kenny Lopez.

Your License

Your 16 digit USSF (US Soccer Federation) number will be mailed to you on your official registration card and certification patch (if it was not given to you in the class). You can also log in to your with the log in you created to register for the referee course to see the status of your registration. It often takes months for the new registrations to be processed. IN THE INTERMIN, YOU CAN TALK WITH THE CLUBS YOU WANT TO REFEREE FOR ABOUT YOUR PENDING STATUS.

You must renew your license on a calendar year basis. Lapsed license = take the class over. Renewal can be completed online by following the instructions at this site:
Follow the instructions for Current Grade 8 referee license renewal.

A license is not free-reign. Remember you must referee at least 1 year below your own age group as a youth referee. Best to get experience with the youngest levels in the local clubs. Marin FC does not use new referees for our games until they gain experience. As a newly licensed referee, you should expect to start as an assistant referee or 'lines person' for several games before becoming a center referee. For the purposes of the RVP reporting of your games, being an assistant referee is the same as being a center referee.


Most clubs use Game Officials for their assigning. If you are a new referee, you should log on to GameOfficials using the same user ID you created when you signed up for your licensing class.

Each local youth club has different requirements, signup procedures, and pay rates. You must do some research on your own, but here are the main contacts to get you started ...

Marin FC Crest Shadowed
Kenny Lopez
Frank Bonardi
Paul Perlite
Rafael Nunn
Helge Biernath


Wherever you refereeing and whether you are wearing anything Marin FC related or not, you are representing your sport and club. You must adhere to the following expectations of professional appearance and behavior:

Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the game start time.

Full uniform must be worn at all times.

All referees should wear the official yellow and black striped shirt (most local clubs) or the new yellow shirt with CURRENT certification patch, black shorts (preferably without logos) with pocket, black socks with 2 white stripes in the middle, and black shoes (cleats are ok). Shirts must be tucked in.

All referees should carry a set of side-line flags and cards, whistle, watch (not a cell phone), coin, and pen.