Why Marin FC?

Why choose to play for MarinFC? Here's just a few reasons ...

If you are seeking year-round, high-quality training and challenging competition, Marin FC was built to bring together committed and talented coaches and players to form teams for elite level play.

Recognized Leader

Marin FC maintains a reputation of excellence and high standards that is recognized at a national level by the U.S. Soccer Federation. We are focused on advancing our players to their desired level of performance and achievement whether it is at the high school, youth national team, college, or professional levels.  Marin FC offers a complete set of tools and support mechanisms in pursuit of those goals.

High Quality Coaching Staff & Training Environment

Our coaches represent the highest levels of licensure and our training environment is second to none in promoting short range goals in conjunction with a long range player development pathway.

See for yourself in this short "Insider Training" video:


Positive Club Culture

Our club culture is rooted in Marin County, a special place that is home to spirited soccer lovers and their families. Marin FC sidelines are places of true club camaraderie where we look to build more than just win-loss records.  Each weekend our families build bonds while our players build character.

For more on our Culture: Positive Coaching Principles for Parents

More Than Just a Club

We empower our membership to do far more than the standard fare and provide unique opportunities to explore the world through soccer.  See for yourself in these two short "Iberia Trip" and "Field Day" videos:

Alumni Testimonials

darcymcfarlaneunc"I had a great Marin FC experience and keep in touch with many of my old teammates and coaches."

Darcy McFarlane – University of North Carolina

Stervinou"When I joined I was on the red team. . . the following year, I made the blue team."

Luc Stervinou – Claremont McKenna

jamiekerester"I had a lot of fun on my Marin FC team. I’m still friends with several of my former teammates, and I keep in touch via texting, Facebook, and Snapchat."

Jamie Kerester – Pomona College

noah-paravicini-lg"I absolutely loved playing for Marin FC. My FC team may have been one of the closest teams that’s ever gone through the club, and every single thing we did as a team was really fun."

Noah Paravicini – Dartmouth

ZoeTrutner"The most memorable tournaments were the Surf Cups in Southern California because the level of play was always high and the beaches weren’t too shabby either."
Zoe Trutner – Williams College

rian-Von-Lackum-lg"When I’m back from college, I still join in practices with younger Marin FC teams, as do a number of my of old FC teammates. It’s a great place for us all to reconnect."

Brian Von Lockum - Sacramento State University

If you have more questions or would like to speak with someone about joining our club, a member of our Board of Directors or Coaching Staff will be happy to speak with you.