Club History

About Marin FC

Founded in 2004 as an alliance of five local Marin youth soccer organizations, Marin FC was created specifically to support the development of elite competitive soccer teams and players in Marin County.

In support of our mission, the club lives by a set of goals to guide operations and decisions.  Included in our goals is establishing a positive learning environment which promotes:

  • self-discipline,
  • character development,
  • sportsmanship and
  • leadership

Our programs prepare players for the next level of competition, whatever that may be; high school, college, national play and/or professional opportunities. By creating the top-level teams for the betterment of youth soccer in Marin County and surrounding communities, Marin FC advances our players to venues and opportunities suited to their aspirations in the sport.

Both parent and players are expected to uphold the tenants of our program by signing a code of conduct that outlines their commitment to their club, team, opponents, game officials and themselves.


Marin FC Player Pathway

Across Marin FC's players, teams, coaches, and curriculum methodology, the unmistakable focus at the club is on the long term developement of elite level soccer players.

Whether a player has skills and athletic challenge goals, or high school team aspirations, or collegiate level play, or even professional ambition, Marin FC provides a diverse set of player pathway options that will guide each player to the extent of committment to the sport and to themselves.

Our overarching structure is unmatched in our area, state and in many ways across the country. It's development and implementation has been entirely intentional to first inspire players, then challenge them, and finally unlock their potential.

Marin FC Mission Statement

Marin FC provides an environment that inspires and advances players to the highest levels possible. We achieve this by emphasizing a culture of integrity, responsibility and commitment in training and competition while using the game of soccer as a vehicle to build character and teach life lessons.

Core Values

For Players

Create an environment where competing, player development, quality of play, collective play and sportsmanship are all equally important. In the Marin FC environment, creativity and risk taking are encouraged and integral to development.

Develop the individual player by maintaining a curriculum in accordance with US Soccer and other governing bodies, in the technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social aspects of the game.

Safeguard players’ health through appropriate guidance regarding nutrition, exercise, recovery, and avoiding the use of prohibited substances.

Foster player-coach relationships that include open and honest dialogue to encourage self-advocacy for individual player development.

Encourage players to seek higher education and assist with opportunities to play soccer at all levels, including collegiate, regional, national and international programs.

Provide financial assistance, to the best of our ability, for those in need.

Inspire a life-long passion and love for the beautiful game.

For Coaches

Assist coaches with player development by providing needed equipment and access to the highest quality facilities possible.

Provide structure and resources that support coaches in achieving the highest level of their craft, including licensure and other accreditations.

Foster coach-player relationships that encourage open and honest dialogue, constructive feedback and positive reinforcement.

Develop coaches in the pursuit of the full range of player core values, including affirmation that in player growth, mistakes are viewed as lessons learned and setbacks are opportunities for further development.

For Community

Encourage camaraderie and a commitment to self, team, club and community including service to others both inside and outside the club.

Impart to players that their progression occurs in a larger context, and their development as a player and person reflects on their club, family and community.

Recognize and celebrate players, coaches and volunteers for their contribution to team, club and community.