Intent on Playing in College? Start Here.

Over 500 Marin FC alums have gone on to play college soccer. Players just like our current talented athletes compete in college matches across the country and in all types and levels of schools. Marin FC offers a wide range of support, but ultimately it is up to each player to guide their unique course through college recruiting.  There are three main parts to college recruiting support at Marin FC ...


Our Boys and Girls College Coordinators specifically focus on assisting players in their college recruiting efforts.


Dave Frank

Boys College Coordinator

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Kelly Coffey

Girls College Coordinator

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Marin FC, as a PlayersFirst™ club and in collaboration with ScoutingZone™, offers a 4-Week College Recruiting Plan.


Use the four week plan as a guide and task list to navigate your specific college recruiting effort. As is often said, "It is never too early to start" and as you persist, reamain focused and optimistic. While there are a myriad of factors some of which you cannot control, the four week effort is up to you.


Marin FC maintains College and Alumni databases tracking where our graduates have matriculated and profiling each school. Current FC players may search the database

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Search the database by answering the required questions on the dedicated page and as many or as few of the optional questions as you wish. The more optional questions answered, the tighter the search criteria will be and fewer matching schools will be listed.