Marin FC Crest Shadowed


All Weekend Sessions at San Rafael High School, West Fields Complex

( Drop off and entry at 195 Mission Street, San Rafael ... see map below )

( Wednesday Afternoon Session on 5/19 at Piper Park in Larkspur )

Marin FC tryouts will be highly organized and regimented to ensure the safety of all players and others involved.  ONLY players, coaches and club personnel will be allowed inside the field complex.   Session times are staggered to ensure a smooth flow to and from the sessions. All participants must wear face coverings and follow precisely any instructions from coaches or other club personnel. Check in will be contact-less. More detailed instructions will go out to all players signed up for tryouts in the days leading up to the start of sessions.

San Rafael High School - West Fields Complex

Due to Covid protections, Marin FC will be extremely cautious to protect the health of all tryout participants. ONLY players, coaches and club administrative staff will be allowed in the fields complex, which means that parents should plan to walk to or do a drive by drop off with their players. The single entry to the fields complex is at 195 Mission Avenue (approximately as the 195 street address doesn't actually exist). The club with have traffic monitors to help unload and load players before and after the sessions.  We ask that parents plan to drop off their players a minimum of 20 minutes prior to the start of the session. Pick ups will begin following the session end time.  We ask that parents DO NOT exit their cars, and instead let the club staff assist as players come and go. After dropping off or picking up, vehicles must continue east and either use Bella Avenue or Mission Avenue to Embarcadero Way around the high school and back to Third Street as depicted in the map below.

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