This Month in Marin FC summarizes the month’s news and notes in a series of ‘high-level’ briefs from various club constituents.

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From the President

Evan Cross

Here are a few highlights and news tidbits from the past month:

Busy, Busy, Busy …
Tryouts have concluded and there are three critical “expressions” to share.

First and without question, amazement. The talent and enthusiasm pool was phenomenal. All players whether selected or not, demonstrated their skills and love of the game proving the vitality of the sport at the elite level, here in Marin.

Secondly, congratulations to all the selected players. Competition for spots was intense and even with 58 teams formed, the acceptance rate was approximately 60%. Those earning spots are among a select group of teammates who together hold the promise and potential of a terrific 2018-19 season.

Last in the trio is gratitude. Thanks to the parents, volunteers and in particular the coaches who made tryouts rigorous yet smooth, fair and efficient, and exhausting but fun. Immersed in the administrative side of things, I was specifically impressed by every coach’s curiosity about the promising talent before them.

Don’t Take a Breath
Player registration links are being distributed as team rosters are confirmed and some squads are already scheduling trainings. Tournament applications are going out from newly recruited managers. There’s no time to stop or even slow down!

Stop and Enjoy the Game!
In the midst of launching a new “regular season”, Marin FC is also launching a whole new level of play. The home opener for the Marin FC Siren, our newly formed WPSL team, is Sunday June 3rd at 3:30pm at the Redwood High School Stadium field. Come out and cheer for a team comprised of former and current Marin FC players, as well as other outstanding talent from our area. Admission is free, with a suggested donation of $5 to help fund the team. And wear your FC gear while you’re at it!

In the Midst of the Whirlwind
Congratulations to the Boys 2006 Blue team, our youngest US Soccer Development Academy squad, for venturing down to San Diego while the rest of us were enjoying Memorial Day Weekend. With everything else that was going on, the boys were able to stay focused and captured the Manchester City Cup title in their group.

Great Team-Building Opportunity
As most of you know, the 3rd Annual Eloi Vasquez Marin Headlands Memorial Run and Walk is just around the corner on Saturday June 9th, 2018. I encourage you to join hundreds of friends and families in honoring and celebrating Eloi Vasquez’s life and achievements, and in doing so keep his memory alive and support the Eloi Vasquez “Living for the Game” scholarship fund. The event also offers a couple of unique team-building opportunities:

  1. Free Gear: Each member of the Marin FC boys’ and girls’ team that generates the most race sign-ups will receive a Marin FC/Eloi Run hoody custom-designed by Eloi’s brother, Julian Vasques.
  2. Team Training/Bonding: This is a great opportunity to get newly formed squads together around a team training/bonding event that flows nicely into summer tournament and pre-season play.

Please read the various Eloi Run and Walk articles in the Director of Development section of this month’s newsletter for details.

Evan Cross, President


From the Director of Coaching

Joshua Kalkstein

Here are a few highlights and news tidbits from the past month:

Spring Institute Wrap
We wrapped up the last Spring Institute session this past month. Headed up by Ben Swann, we received a ton of great feedback and the coaches that worked it thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It provided the kids with an opportunity to continue to develop as players, have fun and do so when they weren’t in-season.

Info Night Update
We held our last info meeting of the season at Redwood High School. Parents asked great questions, the event was well-attended, and DOC turnout was stellar, with all but one of our DOC’s in the room.

May was marked with our monthly board meeting, two topics breakfasts, and our coaches meeting. Almost all of the coaches attended the coaches meeting, a critically important meeting in preparation for what was our largest tryout since the club’s inception.

NorCal Update
We participated in a NorCal conference call in which changes were discussed for both the Premier League and NPL for the coming year.

Tryout News
May was tryout month, and I’m pleased to report that tryouts ran fairly smoothly. Huge thanks to the board members and volunteers that staffed check-in desks on the various days. The coaches did a fantastic job throughout and while we were challenged with huge numbers, we were all impressed by the standard and effort-level of the kids.

Championess, Championess … Ole, Ole, Ole!
On the big news front, we finished with more NPL Champions League winners than any other club in the 2017/2018 season, with three Champions League winners. Additionally, we had five teams reach State Cup semifinals; the next closest club had two in the State Cup semis so that’s a huge success on the field too. And while we don’t measure our success in the win/losses column, it still speaks volumes to the quality of the kids and coaches we have in the club!

With State Cup and League play done, it’s time to bid our seniors farewell. We’ve loved having a hand in your development as both players and people and will watch from afar as you continue to thrive in the next leg of your journey. Know that Marin FC will always be your home, and we look forward to your return and you sharing your experience with the next group of kids coming through.

– Josh Kalkstein, DOC


In the Spotlight

This month’s spotlight features an interview with Northeastern University soon-to-be sophomore, Dominic Galletti. Here’s what he had to say:

Dominic Galletti

Tell our readers a little about yourself.
I was born and raised in San Francisco and started playing for Marin FC the end of my freshman year. My dad, Pedro, and mom, Madeleine, both grew up outside of the country. My mom came from England and my Dad traveled from Brazil, so as you might expect, my brother, Lucca, and I “grew up” with a love for soccer from a very early age. I went to St. Cecilia Grammar School in San Francisco and continued my schooling at St. Ignatius College Prep, also in San Francisco.

Recollect your Marin FC experience if you will.
I was first introduced to Marin FC through Michael Bertiglia and the Bertiglia family. I played freshman year high school soccer with Mike and at the conclusion of our high school season, Mike introduced me to Steve Sosa, the U15 Marin FC coach at the time. After tryouts, I knew I wanted to join the team. Marin FC was and still is the most competitive club I’ve ever played for. With Steve’s exit, our new coach was David Frank, who’d stay with me for the remainder of my time with FC. My first year with the team, we won the top division of the NorCal State Cup, winning the final by a score of 9-1. It was then on to National Cup, where we faced injuries and superior competition, ultimately getting knocked out in the group stage. However, the events on the field were not what I remember most about my Marin FC experience. Watching the 2014 World Cup as a team, staying in hotels together in San Diego for Surf Cup, and goofing around a little too much at practices are the memories I’ll always hold onto.

What other schools did you look at and why did you ultimately pick Northeastern?
– After my junior year summer, I was still debating whether to play at a D3 college or try and play D1 for the next four years. Ultimately, I looked at Claremont Mckenna and Amherst College as D3 options, and was deciding between Northeastern, Dartmouth College, Holy Cross, and Lafayette for D1’s. I wasn’t picky on location, and I liked all the coaches I talked to. In the end I picked the college that fit my learning style the best, with smaller classes and a team that focused almost as much on academics as it did on athletics. I believe that formula got me to the right school for me.

Dominic Galletti

What were some of the adjustments you had to make to successfully transition from club to collegiate ball?
I would say the main thing I had to focus on was the mental piece. David was always saying it was the one piece of my game that was missing, and that if I was able to consistently be in tune with the game mentally, it could turn into a very good thing for me. So, going into pre-season, I felt focused and sharp. That being said, the college game is much faster and more demanding from both a physical and mental perspective. The one piece of advice I would give to aspiring college players is when you want to make a run, make a pass, or feel the need to shoot, don’t hesitate. Being scared to make a move, or questioning your instinct, will mentally beat you down. Being quick to decide, and most importantly confident, goes a long way in the college game and with your coaches.

Summarize your collegiate soccer career to date.  What have been some of the highlights?
My collegiate soccer career has definitely had its ups and downs. Some highlights include arriving on the first day of pre-season and meeting and hanging out with the rest of the freshman class. We have eleven kids in our class and I’ve become close with each and every one of them. The biggest “down” for me is that I haven’t been able to play soccer since October 14th, 2017. I started having back pain after a Sunday practice, went to get an MRI, and discovered I had two bulging discs in my lower back. To this day I am still doing PT at least 3 times a week, swimming, taking supplements and taking time off from soccer. The biggest thing I have learned from this injury is to never take the game for granted. Not wanting to go to practice, or wake up early for a lift, don’t remotely come close to how much I wish I was back on the field.

What are you learning as a collegiate athlete that you’ll take into post collegiate life?
The fact that there isn’t just one leader, or even a few leaders on a “team”. With college soccer, the whole team has to lead in one way or another. There are leaders on the field, in the classroom, and in the locker room. Similarly, in any kind of job, while working with others, multiple leaders are needed to make sure everyone is staying on task and focused on accomplishing the same goals.

From athletics to academics.  What are you studying?
I am currently studying Finance and pursuing a Business Degree. That interest seems from classes in high school and my dad’s interest in the stock market.

Any interests outside of soccer?
I love music and other sports like basketball and American football. Since I attend school in Boston, I would love to work for a team like the Celtics or the Patriots, focused on finance and money management.

Any thoughts about life after college?
– I think I’d like to come back to the Bay Area after college. The Bay has treated me so well, hosts the majority of my friends, and provides year-round outdoor activity. If possible, I would love to come back to California and continue playing soccer while also working somewhere near San Francisco.

The Marin FC alumni community is alive and well.  Do you keep in touch with many of your former teammates?
I know the Marin FC community is very alive and well. I communicate with a few of my former teammates and coaches. I try to check in on teammates who are still playing in college and some who aren’t. I still talk to some of the “kids” who played for FC but who weren’t on my specific team, and ask how they’re doing?

Anyone you want to thank or recognize at Marin FC?
I would definitely like to thank the Bertiglia family who introduced me to the FC family, and coaches David Frank, Josh Kalkstein, and Phil Billecci, who all developed my game and “personality”. All three of these coaches have given me pointers and life advice that I use to this day. The occasional facetime with Josh remains one of my favorite things to do.

Before I let you go, give us a little insight into your interests and passions.  Name three books on your book shelf, three gadgets you couldn’t live without, and three artists/bands in your IPod.
Three books on my shelf are Harry Potter (all of them), The DaVinci Code, and the Steve Jobs Biography. Three of my most recent song downloads are Rich & Sad-Post Malone, Runaway-Galantis, and 1985-J. Cole. I don’t think I could live without my phone, some sort of camera, and a speaker for music. I use those three things daily and nightly.

How can our readers follow you if they’d like to track your athletic activities?
They can follow our team at, or follow me on Instagram at @domgalletti.


From the Director of Development

Ian Tonks

Eloi Run Registration Contest
The race committee is excited to announce a new “competitive” element in the build-up to the Annual Eloi Vasquez Marin Headlands Memorial Run and Walk on Saturday June 9th, 2018. Each member of the Marin FC boys’ and girls’ team that generates the most race sign-ups will receive a Marin FC/Eloi Run hoody custom-designed by Eloi’s brother, Julian Vasques. The back of the hoody will feature the name of the coach and players on the team, while the front will have the Marin FC logo and Eloi Run 2018 inscribed. Moving forward, when registrants’ sign-up, there there’ll be an option to indicate which Marin FC team referred that participant to the event. And for who have already registered, we’ll send an email asking them to specify which team they’d like to attribute their registration to.

Eloi Run Registration Contest

Eloi Run Registration Remains Open
Register Now!

Registration remains open for the 3rd Annual Eloi Vasquez Marin Headlands Memorial Run and Walk on Saturday, June 9th, 2018. Join hundreds of friends and families in honoring and celebrating Eloi Vasquez’s life and achievements, and in doing so keep his memory alive and support the Eloi Vasquez “Living for the Game” scholarship fund. With the help of our vibrant community, the past two annual events have raised $80,000 of the $125,000 needed to fully fund one full scholarship in perpetuity in Eloi’s honor. Accordingly, we urge you to be one of the many that crosses the finish line on June 9 and raises the $45,000 needed to keep his legacy alive forever.

Eloi Vasquez (1995 – 2015) was a resident of Mill Valley, a Marin FC soccer standout and a student-athlete at UC Berkeley. He was tragically killed in a car accident on March 28, 2015. After his death, his family and friends launched the “Living for the Game” scholarship fund to embody Eloi’s dedication to family, commitment to personal growth and academics, and passion for the game. The fund awards a grant annually to a female and/or male Marin FC soccer player or players that personify Eloi’s character and spirit on and off the field.

The race begins at 7am and offers competitive and non-competitive run options as well as two walking courses. There are four race brackets, with prizes for the top three finishers in each bracket:

  • Men’s 18 & Under
  • Women’s 18 & Under
  • Men’s Over 18
  • Women’s Over 18

Winners in each age-pure U18 and under age group will also be recognized in post-race communiques.

Register Now!

Eloi Scholarship Applications
Eloi scholarship applications are due by midnight on Wednesday, June 6. All completed applications by verified scholarship recipients gain free entry into the June 9 Eloi Run & Walk race. Please visit for details.

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