This Month in Marin FC summarizes the month’s news and notes in a series of ‘high-level’ briefs from various club constituents.

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From the President

Evan Cross

Here are a few highlights and news tidbits from the past month:

A couple of meetings … a couple of holidays!

Coaches Meeting
Right around Thanksgiving, we hosted two great meetings. The first was the November coaches meeting which was the last of 2018’s quarterlies. Well attended, despite the challenges of holidays, travel and air quality cancelations, the coaches had a chance to review the impact of recent cancelations and look ahead to developing our club-wide curriculum document, the November survey, and our player evaluations system. For 2018, the coaches’ meetings have provided a robust venue to prepare for tryouts, tournaments and league play, and generally exchange best practices on training, tactics and player/team development.

Managers & Treasurers Appreciation Event
Directly after Thanksgiving, we held our Managers and Treasurers Appreciation event which afforded us an opportunity to thank those who give so graciously of their time to lead the way for our 50 plus teams. It proved to be a terrific opportunity to look ahead and delve into the many efforts and improvements underway for the spring and subsequent season. While looking at a variety of ideas and endeavors in the pipeline or already underway, I was grateful for the opportunity to introduce our new Director of Club Operations, Jamie Firmage. All in all, a sense of impending excitement about what is taking shape filled the event-concluding discussion.

White and Black Teams
One of the most exciting items discussed at both meetings was the number of white and black “fall-only” teams planning to expand their calendars beyond the fall. While the “single season” concept was created to offer an alternative to players looking for a less all-encompassing commitment, it comes as a pleasant surprise that so many teams have elected to make Marin FC a year-round focus. Happily, the club’s ability to make this possible for so many players speaks to the capabilities and enthusiasm of our staff, volunteers and coaches, and their readiness to open new doors.

With 2018 ticking away, Happy winter holidays to everyone. I look forward to seeing you out and about and on the ball in the new year.

Evan Cross, President


From the Director of Coaching

Joshua Kalkstein

Here are a few highlights and news tidbits from the past month:

Not Your Typical November
November was a tough month for the soccer community. With fires raging to the north, we had to cancel and reschedule games, some of which had season-ending implications, as well as deal with State Cup and NPL Showcase cancelations. That said, logistical complications pale in comparison when thinking about what folks had to endure in Paradise. The bay area soccer community also suffered a senseless loss when Arik Housley, DOC of Napa United and our RAC Chair, lost his daughter in the Thousand Oaks club shooting. Our hearts go out to Arik, his family and the Napa soccer community.

In Tournament Play
This was the month we transitioned into high school play, so we had very little time with our teams. We did, however, have a couple teams take part in Surf Cup and Nomads tournaments in San Diego. Given everyone’s inability to prepare due to the fires and high school commitments, each team delivered committed and competitive performances. Kudos to the kids and coaches for making the best of what was a tough situation.

Worthy of note, our 05 and 06 Boys Blue teams attended the DA Showcase in early November in San Diego. Both teams did well at what was a remarkably run event. A great experience for the boys to be sure!

– Josh Kalkstein, DOC


In the Spotlight

This month’s spotlight features an interview with Knox College sophomore, Raleigh Berry. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell our readers a little about yourself.
Raleigh BerryI was born in Santa Rosa and grew up in Petaluma, CA. I’ve been playing soccer since I could walk but truly fell in love with the game after watching my sister, Austen, play for many years. I attended Petaluma High School, where I developed a passion for science, specifically anatomy and physiology. I graduated in 2017 and am currently at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.

Recollect your Marin FC experience if you will.
Before I joined Marin FC, I played for the Sonoma County Alliance in Petaluma. I joined FC my U14 year. During that season we established ourselves as a force, placing 3rd in San Diego Surf Cup and winning the Las Vegas Thanksgiving Tournament. Dave Frank became our coach during our U15 year and during that year we did well, placing 2nd in the Las Vegas Thanksgiving Tournament, winning State Cup and making it to Nationals in North Carolina. My career with Marin FC was amazing and I will always remember and be thankful for it!

What other schools did you look at and why did you ultimately pick Knox College?
I initially looked at three schools, Clark University, Lynchburg College and UC Santa Cruz. Ultimately, I chose Knox College in Illinois for several reasons, none more so than the level of diversity in the soccer program. I thought it would be cool to play with guys from all over the world and it absolutely has been!

What were some of the adjustments you had to make to successfully transition from club to collegiate ball?
Everyone is faster and bigger, so you learn to use your body better. That said, I’m not the fastest player so I’ve had to be more cerebral than I’ve been in the past. Playing with Marin FC certainly prepared me well for a higher level of competition.

Summarize your collegiate soccer career to date. What have been some of the highlights?
I established myself as a starting right back my freshman year. After a good first half to the season, injuries held me back a bit, but I still managed to end the season well. We won our regular season conference but lost in the semifinals of the conference tournament. My sophomore year, I started all our games at center back. We had a great season only losing one conference game, ultimately securing second place, going on to win our conference tournament, qualifying automatically for the NCAA tournament. This was a huge accomplishment for Knox Men’s Soccer as it was our first ever berth into the NCAA tournament.

Raleigh Berry

What are you learning as a collegiate athlete that you’ll take into post collegiate life?
I’m learning how to work well with others. We spend lots of time together, which can be challenging when you spend so much time with the same group of people. Additionally, I’m learning how to time manage better. Academics, soccer and friends can be overwhelming, so I’ve been forced to better allocate my time and resources.

From athletics to academics. What are you studying?
I’ve taken a variety of different classes, but my favorite is microbiology, a field I intend to pursue in more depth. I’ve also taken a few Spanish classes which led me to investigate study abroad opportunities, ultimately taking me to Barcelona for a semester.

Any interests outside of soccer?
I’ve participated in intramural basketball and winter futsal.

Any thoughts about life after college?
I’ll likely be heading back to California because the winters in Illinois are rough. That may include continuing education or joining the workforce but either way, I know it will be in the health services field.

The Marin FC alumni community is alive and well. Do you keep in touch with many of your former teammates?
Unfortunately, I only keep in touch with a few of them. That said, I do track everyone’s athletic results and I’m pleased to report that everyone appears to be doing well at their respective colleges.

Anyone you want to thank or recognize at Marin FC?
I’d like to single out Dave Frank. He is an amazing coach, a great mentor, and an even better person to be around during my formative years.

Before I let you go, give us a little insight into your interests and passions. Name three books on your bookshelf, three gadgets you couldn’t live without, and three artists/bands in your IPod.
Books are “Born A Crime” by Trevor Noah, “Milkweed” by Jerry Spinelli, and “How to Change Your Mind” by Michael Pollan. Three gadgets are my headphones, laptop, and phone. And three artists in my iPod are Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, and Chance the Rapper.

How can our readers follow you if they’d like to track your athletic activities?
They can follow our team at


From the Director of Development

Ian Tonks

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