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Player Performance Tracking (PPT)

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Marin FC offers to our players performance tracking in the form of our Player Performance Tracking program (PPT).

Powered by industry leading Catapult GPS technology, the same used across professional and collegiate programs in the US and around the world, our players may have their personal performance tracked and mapped for inclusion in their player database profile.

Data Capture

Marin FC players may opt to have a training session or a selected game tracked and profiled. In the case of game situation tracking, an optional addition of a dedicated statistician to track items such as pass accuracy is highly recommended.

With advance approval by the player's head coach, Marin FC will deploy our PlayerTek GPS system during the warm up or pregame and the player may then forget about it and concentrate on reaching their optimal performance.

When finished, the tracking system uploads a wealth of information to our player database, such as distance covered, sprint counts, max and average speed, and energy output. Additionally the GPS system maps individual sprints and 'heat' (player locations) by game half.

Data Application

There are two primary purposes for performance tracking:

Coaching -

Performance tracking provides both the player and their coach with usable data which helps to reduce the subjective nature of many forms of player analysis. With real measurements in hand, our players and coaches can work together to highlight both strengths and weaknesses in the game. Strategies to eliminate the weaknesses and capitalize on the strengths can point a clearer path for the player to greater success.

Profiling -

Since the performance data is recorded in the club's player database, an example game profile can be generated for use by the player. In communicating with professional or collegiate programs, the ability of our players to transmit precise and encompassing performance data about themselves speaks volumes about their capabilities and effort.