Remote Summer Crest

Separate, yet Together

Hosted by Marin FC

Registration for the June Session will close Sunday, 5/31, at midnight. For players registering between 5/27 and 5/31, there may be a slight delay in enrollment as we process the necessary permissions and placements.

Due to the stay-at-home health orders and mandatory separation in effect due to the coronavirus and covid-19 outbreak, Marin FC has programmed a month-to-month remote soccer training and education program for our 2019-20 season teams and players.  The program will serve as a bridge starting June 1, for the entire club to the point at which we can restore operations and hold tryouts for the 2020-21 season.

Marin FC is committed to our players, teams, and coaches, and so ALL are included in the Remote Summer  2020 for as long as the program remains necessary.  All 2019-20 players are automatically included and are guaranteed a spot with the club when the 2020 tryouts and team formation occur. ALL fees paid during this bridge period will be credited to the 2020-21 season player fees.

With permission from their current club (obtained by our senior staff contacting the player's club), players from outside Marin FC may join and will be assigned appropiately for the duration of the program. Please note that for players joining from outside the club, the recommended fee is manadatory.

The moment we are clear to resume training outdoors and together, we will do so. Together we will retake the field as strong as ever by working as a club to propel ourselves through to brighter days and superior soccer.


All current Marin FC teams and coaches from the 2019-2020 season shall remain together and work remotely.  2020-21 season coaches will collaborate with the players, teams and coaches of the teams they are slated to inherit next season. Junior teams, ages U8 through U11, will hold 2 or 3 weekly Zoom™ meeting sessions weekly for a minimum of 90 minutes in total. Youngers and Olders, ages U12-U19, will will hold 3 weekly Zoom™ meeting sessions of a minimum of 60  minutes each.

Topics of the sessions will address personal training, technical exercises, tactical knowledge, and individual goal setting. In addition to the sessions, all coaches will be available to their players for ongoing feedback and guidance clarification should it be needed.

The moment Marin FC is given the clear to return to the fields, the remote summer program will switch to on-field sessions under any regulatory guidance issued and our own safety protocols.

Players are expected to register for the program through TeamSnap (link button below) and the club reserves the right to manage as necessary the team rosters for optimal grouping and program efficiency.


1. ALL Fees Paid Will Be Credited to the 2020-21 Season Player's Fees

2. Payment is voluntary at this time ... all current and returning players are included whether they can pay or not.  An option to 'pay-what-you-can' is included in the registration process.  Whatever is paid will be recorded and credited towards next season's fees. Note: For players joining from outside Marin FC, the recommended fee is mandatory.

3. Recommended levels:

Juniors, ages U8-U11 (birth years 2009 and younger) : approx. $10 / session - Monthly : $120

Youngers, ages U12-U15 (birth years 2008 - 2005) : $12.50 / session - Monthly : $150

Olders, ages U16-U19 (birth years 2004 - 2001) : $12.50 / session - Monthly : $150


All Marin FC players from the 2019-20 season are eligible.

Additionally, any player from our Spring Institute who was not registered with another club last year is eligible.

With permission from their current club, players from outside Marin FC may join.

All Marin FC financial aid players are eligible for a reduced enrollment amount based upon their 2019-20 award percentage. Simply use the 'pay-what-you-can' option at registration or you may contact the club to verify and make payment arrangements (link button below).

Anyone newly in need of financial aid may also contact the club to review their situation and needs.